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About Us

 William Volz – Chief Operation Officer

William was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.  After some traveling in his early adulthood he choose to return to his roots in San Antonio where he married and is current raising his family, he settled not far from the high school that he graduated from.  William has four children that he is proud of, his Daughter is a Sailor in the US Navy, his Oldest son, is a Solider in the US Army.  His two youngest boys are currently attending high school.  William has worked as a Field and Office Supervisor.  He's been a Project Manger and has extensive knowledge of the construction field, glass industry and in masonry repair.   His previous experience proves invaluable in his current position of Chief Operating Officer with Voltech Security Services, Inc.  William is more than willing to get his hands dirty to find a solution to a problem.  He is an outside of the box thinker and has a "never quit" winning attitude.    
William has studied at SPSTI with continuing education at LSU and has over 125 hours of training and as a result he is a Commissioned Security Officer PSB level 3, Personal Protection Officer PSB level 4, Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response, ASP Baton Basic, ASP Handcuffing, TASER X26 certified with exposure and is O/C Pepper Spray certified with exposure.  William has studied Defensive Tactics and scored a perfect 250 on his pistol certification.  He is also a Private Investigator.   William has logged hundreds of hours of Security Site Patrol, Remote Monitoring along with IP/Analog/HD Camera installations and Networking.      



 Lillian Volz – Chief Executive Officer


Lillian is San Antonio, Texas born and raised.  Lillian is the very proud wife of William Volz and honored to be the mother of four children, her daughter is a Sailor in the US Navy.  Her Oldest son is a Solider in the US Army and the two youngest boys are currently attending high school.  Lillian has been in Accounting for 15 years.            

Lillian has studied at SPSTI and has over 70 hours of training as a result she is a Commissioned Security Officer PSB level 3.  She holds certifications in ASP Baton Basic, TASER X26 certified with exposure and O/C Pepper Spray certified with exposure.  Lillian is also a Private Investigator and has trained in Defensive Tactics.   Lillian has logging hundreds of hours of Remote Site Monitoring and is an apprentice CCTV Camera installer.