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Patrol & monitoring

Voltech Security Services, Inc. Patrol Officers have a good working relationship with the local Police agencies.  Patrol Officers work in tandem with Remote Command Station Monitors. 

As our Security Patrol Officers make their appointed rounds, our Remote Command Station Monitors keep track of them as well as all sights that have contracted for this service. The difference between Voltech Security Services, Inc. monitoring and other monitoring companies is Voltech Security Services, Inc. actually has monitors watching a live feed and are in radio contact with the Security Patrol Officers, not just waiting for an alarm to sound to response but we respond as we see it happening and can dispatch of Security Patrol Officers to the location and address the situation and then the Monitors contact the Local Authority to complete the circuit.

Our Security Patrol Officers and the Monitors at the Remote Command Station make a great tandem team and here at Voltech Security Services, Inc.  We have found a winning combination.